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Wondering what it’s like to live in Rogers Park, Chicago? Although you’re only a short Metra ride away from downtown, Rogers Park has a small-town feel to it. Its quaint parks, cute cafes, and lakeside beaches help make this one of the best places to live in Chicago.

Rogers Park is also known for its diversity and high rates of education among its residents. And the city’s artists certainly take note of the amazing opportunities this neighborhood has to offer for those living there.

Map of Rogers Park Chicago

Where is Rogers Park, Chicago?

Rogers Park is one of the 77 community areas of Chicago. As the area South of Evanston, but North of Devon Avenue in Chicago, it’s the most Northeastern part of Chicago. It sits on the bank of Lake Michigan, offering gorgeous lakeside views to its residents and visitors.

Although Rogers Park is merely 1.8 square miles in size, it offers plenty of attractions and activities to those who live there.

How Far is Rogers Park from Downtown Chicago?

Rogers Park is 9 miles from the Loop, sitting on the city’s far Northside. It’s an ideal place to live for anyone who wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The Parks of Rogers Park

There’s a reason Rogers Park has such a great small-town feel for those who live there. There are over 15 different parks and playgrounds in the 1.85 square miles that make up the neighborhood. This makes the area an especially family-friendly place to live.

In addition to these parks, there are also six beaches along Lake Michigan you can visit. These sandy beaches are especially popular in the warmer months. And they’re pretty close for local residents.

Best Things to Do While Living in Rogers Park

Of course, there’s a lot more to living in Rogers Park than just green spaces and beaches. Rogers Park is famous for its artists and there are plenty of art events you can enjoy. Here are a few of the top activities you can do when you’re in Rogers Park, Chicago.

1. Catch a Local Theatre Production

Roger Park is well known for its local theatres and theatre productions. The Factory Theater, Side Project Theater Company, Lifeline Theater, and the New 400 Theater are just a few to name. If you enjoy acting, you may even want to audition for some of the performances.

The Emil Bach House in Rogers Park Chicago
© Jeremy Atherton, 2006

2. Learn About Art History at the Emil Bach House

If you enjoy the unique architecture, you should visit the Emil Bach House. This unique structure was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It’s registered as a historic location and a Chicago Landmark.

3. Admire the Neighborhoods Artistic Murals

The murals of Rogers Park are a staple of the neighborhood. And they add spice to those living in Rodgers Park. All you need to do is go outside, and you can marvel at the incredible street art scene this part of Chicago has to offer.

4. Shop at the Farmers Market

You can enjoy the fresh produce and smells of the Glenwood Sunday Market. This farmer’s market features local artisan vendors, and it’s a great place to for local residents to find great organic fruits and vegetables.

Try new foods at the Rogers Park Farmers Market.

5. Have a Laugh at the Chicago Comedy Film Festival

Festival lovers can rejoice. The Chicago Comedy Film Festival is held in Rogers Park annually and brings in some famous faces to the neighborhood. The Artists of the Wall Festival is another fun event that is the longest-running festival in Chicago.

6. Eat at One of Rogers Park’s 130+ Restaurants

If you want to go out for some good food, Rogers Park has some of the best options in Chicago. Restaurants, bars, cafes, and beer gardens welcome you with international cuisine, craft beer, and amazing delicacies. With so many options to choose from, you may never leave if you end up moving to Rodgers Park.

Public Transportation in Rogers Park, Chicago

There are a number of different ways to get around Rogers Park for those that live there. Many stores, restaurants, and other locations are within walking distance of most apartments. If you have a car, you can easily drive into Evanston or downtown Chicago via one of the main streets.

For those taking the train, the Metra station is located at the intersection of Lunt and Clark. Four Red Line trains stop here and connect Rogers Park to Loyola, Morse, Howard, and Jarvis stations.

There are a number of CTA bus routes that connect to Rogers Park, too. And, you’ll find several bus stops throughout the neighborhood.

Students Love Living in Rogers Park

Loyola University Chicago is also in Rogers Park. The students who live on or around the campus certainly contribute to the area’s youthful energy. And they find that living there gives them easy access to the school and everything going on in the neighborhood.

There are always events going on in Rogers Park, many of which are held at the university. You’ll find theater productions, art shows, presentations, and lectures that are all open to the public.

Students of Loyola University love Rogers Park in Chicago.

What Types of Apartments Are Available in Rogers Park?

Most apartments are one- or two-bedrooms for those interested in living in Rodgers Park . There are some studios, but they’re generally hard to find. It may actually be easier to find a three or four-bedroom apartment than a studio.

There are plenty of apartments with a view of the lake for those who love some morning sunshine. Some apartments are close enough that you can head down to the shore anytime you want or leave your windows open to hear the relaxing sound of the waves.

How Much Does an Apartment Cost to Ren in Rogers Park?

Since Rogers Park is the furthest area of Chicago to the North, prices are much lower here than in most of the city. If you’re not afraid of the commute, you can save a good amount of money on your rent by living in Podgers Park.

Average prices vary by location the number of bedrooms in the apartment:

  • Studios – $900
  • One Bedroom – $1,100
  • Two Bedrooms – $1,430
  • Three Bedrooms – $1,850
  • Four Bedrooms – $2,500

Of course, these prices are only a guide. Depending on what landlords set for their minimum bid and Rent Now prices, you can negotiate your rent for your dream Rogers Park apartment on Brixbid.

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Living in Rogers Park combines the peace of country life with the action of the city. Not to mention the great restaurants and gorgeous beaches you can enjoy. If you’re moving to Chicago, Rogers Park is a great choice. And if you really want to make your search for your dream home easy, try Brixbid’s online rent negotiation platform.

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