We Help the Market Decide Fair Rental Prices

Finding a Better Way to Rent in Chicago

Brixbid’s dynamic pricing platform benefits both renters and landlords. Landlords find a way to easily keep their apartments occupied. Renters pay a fair market price for rent.

Everyone’s a winner!

Our Story

Brixbid was founded by two friends who’ve been on both sides of the rental market. They’ve rented apartments for years in Chicago, Atlanta, and New York City. Each city offered its own, unique rental experience. New York was fast-paced, Chicago was highly competitive, and Atlanta had a laid-back atmosphere. 

Eventually, they became landlords themselves, experiencing the frustrations of having apartments sit on the market because they were mispriced.

As renters, they were always concerned that they might be paying more for an apartment than it was worth. As landlords, they wondered if they were getting the most out of their properties. 

They knew there had to be a better way to rent.

The solution became Brixbid, a fair way to navigate the fast-changing market conditions of real estate by allowing open bidding.

This dynamic pricing truly lets the market determine the value of a rental unit and offers complete transparency to both renter and landlord.

Landlords can set parameters for acceptable bids and will know precisely what price the market will bear for an available unit. Renters get a tool to negotiate an acceptable rental rate. 

It’s win-win!

James B. Peterson, Jr. & L. Jayson Lemberg


In addition to their roles as co-founders of Brixbid, James Peterson and Jayson Lemberg own and operate Pioneer Acquisitions, a real estate investment firm that owns and manages over 2,000 residential rental units in Chicago.

James and Jayson met while earning their MBA degrees from NYU Stern School of Business. Both held impressive careers in multiple facets of real estate, from investment and development to asset management and design/build projects.

The two came together to create Pioneer Acquisitions. The goal was to purchase character-filled residential buildings, enhance them to meet 21st-century demand, and rent the apartments. Through this, they realized a need for market transparency and open communication between renters and management. This desire transformed into Brixbid as we know it.

John T. Peterson

Chief Development Officer

John Peterson acts as the Chief Development Officer and Managing Broker for Brixbid, working with property owners and landlords to grow the platform. Prior to joining Brixbid, he served as the Director of Leasing for Pioneer Acquisitions where he stabilized a portfolio of 1,300 units. 

A 20-year resident of Chicago, he has insight into the rental market as both a landlord/operator with Pioneer Acquisitions and as a renter. 

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