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There’s always something happening in Uptown Chicago. Whether it’s a beach day or a jazzy night out you’re craving, this neighborhood has you covered. Discover the laid-back international atmosphere Uptown residents can enjoy every day.

Where Is Uptown in Chicago

Uptown is the residential neighborhood between Lincoln Square and Lake Michigan. It sits just south of Edgewater. The neighborhood is far enough to escape the hustle and bustle of downtown Chicago. However, the city is still conveniently reachable with a short commute for locals. 

And the location isn’t just ideal for commuters…

With beaches like Montrose Beach, Uptown offers the best lakeside living has to offer. Here’s what attractions you can visit and what to expect if you’re searching for an apartment to rent in Uptown.

The History of Uptown Chicago

During the 1920s and 1930s, Uptown was well known for its entertainment. The neighborhood had a vibrant jazz scene that exploded during Prohibition. Both the silent film era and the swing era shaped this neighborhood.

Luckily, this artsy area hasn’t lost its charm throughout the years. After WWII a lot of international communities found a home in Uptown. The combination of the performance art with a diverse community created a uniquely exciting area in Chicago.

Things to Do in Uptown

There’s always something on in Uptown Chicago. Thanks to its long history of entertainment, Uptown is still all that jazz. Here are our top favorite places and events that you must see when you’re living in Uptown Chicago.

1. Jazz Night at the Green Mill

The Green Mill is a legend among jazz lovers. This cocktail lounge is over 100 years old. Even the infamous Al Capone was a frequent patron here.  

Luckily, the jazzy vibes of the ’20s are still there today. You can catch a live show here every night. Sit down with a cocktail and let the history of Uptown Chicago entertain you as much as the music.

2. Visit Graceland Cemetery

Although it’s primarily a cemetery, it’s also a popular attraction in Uptown Chicago. It’s a lovely garden with plenty of footpaths to have a walk on. You can even take tours in Graceland Cemetary. It’s a great place to learn about the history and the people of Chicago.

You can find many famous Chicagoans buried here. Such as George Pullman, the industrialist, or William Hulbert, the first president of the National League.

3. Dine on Argyle Street

If you love international cuisine, Uptown’s vibrant food culture is perfect for you. They call this stretch of Argyle Street “Asia on Argyle” thanks to its Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese family-owned restaurants. 

Chicagoans often refer to this area as New Chinatown or Little Saigon. The eateries here are well-loved by the community. One of the most highly rated restaurants on Argyle Street is Sun Wah. Call ahead to reserve a whole Peking duck with bao. You won’t regret it!

4. Sunbathe on Montrose Beach

In the summer months, Montrose Beach is the hottest part of the neighborhood (pun intended). You can enjoy Lakeside views and get a tan in Chicago. You can enjoy beachfront restaurants, play beach volleyball, and even rent paddle boards and kayaks.

Best of all, you don’t even need to leave your pets at home. The Northern stretch of Montrose Beach is dog-friendly. You can let your furry friends off the leash and enjoy a splash in Lake Michigan together.

5. Catch a Show at the Aragon Ballroom

Built in 1926, the Aragon Ballroom quickly became the go-to venue for dancing and live entertainment. Today, it’s one of the staples of Uptown Chicago.

Watch a show here and marvel at the gorgeous architecture of this building. The crystal chandeliers, terra cotta ceilings, and mosaic tiles truly make this one of the most unique and magnificent live music venues in Chicago.

6. Watch a Play at the Riviera Theatre

We can’t mention the Aragon Ballroom without the Riviera Theatre. This magnificent venue houses theatre plays and concerts. Catching a show or a live performance here is a must when you live in Uptown Chicago.

7. Nightlife at the Argyle Night Market

Uptown is most alive when the sun sets. Residents can enjoy the vibrant and exciting nightlife of Uptown Chicago. Cocktail bars and jazz lounges offer a fun atmosphere, but there are also plenty of concerts or theatre shows to visit.

If you get hungry on your night out, check out the Argyle Night Market. It’s a great place to taste some international street food. 

8. Eat Out in Uptown Chicago

When you’re in Uptown, there’s really no shortage of amazing eateries. You can always grab a great breakfast at the Golden Nugget Pancake House. If you need a bit of caffeine, drink some lattes at Everybody’s Coffee

9. Go Rock Climbing

No. Uptown Chicago isn’t on a mountain where you can go rock climbing. But, First Ascent Uptown has the next best thing.

This indoor arena of wall climbing is a great activity. Whether you’re there for a workout or just for fun, climbing is great to test your muscles and your fear of heights. It’s also a great idea for a date. You can prove to your partner that you’ll always catch them if they fall. Just make sure you actually do.

FA is a great place to take your date in Uptown Chicago

Getting Around Uptown Chicago

If your daily commute takes in and out of the city center, Uptown is a great place to live. The “L” route’s Red Line conveniently takes you towards the Loop.

If you prefer taking the bus, you have plenty of options from Uptown too. You can take express buses such as the CTA numbers 147 and 135 for a quick commute to the Loop. Additionally, the CTA bus number 36 runs along Broadway, so you can visit other neighborhoods in the area easily.

It’s also very easy for cyclists to get on the Lakefront Trail, which is a pleasant way to get your exercise in while getting a great view of the lake.

Apartments in Uptown Chicago

Uptown is famous for many things in Chicago. Its jazz scene and beach are definitely the top two. But, the beautiful Victorian architecture of Uptown follows right after.

You can find grand Victorian mansions here. These were mostly divided into several apartments inside. Luckily, the gorgeous exterior still offers the same class and elegance.

Of course, you have your newly built modern apartment buildings along the shore of Lake Michigan. These Uptown apartments offer some of the best Lakeside views in Chicago.

Uptown Chicago Rent Prices

Rent prices in Uptown Chicago vary based on the size and location of the apartment. A studio apartment on average would cost you around $800-1000 every month. Whereas a one-bedroom apartment would cost closer to $1100-1700/month.

Apartments with a Lakeside view close to the beach would likely fetch a higher price. But, as always, rent prices aren’t written in stone. You can negotiate your rent in Chicago.

Bid for Your Dream Apartment in Uptown Chicago

Apartment prices in Uptown aren’t the cheapest. And you’re not doing yourself any favors by paying the asking price right away either. Not to mention the embarrassment of haggling. 

Luckily, you can negotiate the price of your rent easily with a platform like Brixbid. This is the only place in Chicago where you can make an offer to the landlord and find the best possible price for rent easily.

Forget awkward haggling. Get the price that’s right for you instantly with the help of Brixbid. To find your dream Uptown apartment all you need to do is browse our listings!