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Green spaces, artisan workshops, craft beer: what’s not to like? Ravenswood is the ideal neighborhood for any Chicago resident who wants a short commute and plenty of entertainment on their doorstep. Get ready to discover what the neighborhood has to offer before you look for apartments in Ravenswood.

Where Is Ravenswood Neighborhood in Chicago?

Ravenswood is North of the Chicago Loop. It’s the community neighborhood that surrounds the Lincoln Square area. And because it’s only 8 miles from the heart of Chicago, Ravenswood is the ideal place for commuters.

Things to do in Ravenswood, Chicago

Ravenswood has an artistic charm. Paired with the plethora of green spaces around, there’s always something to do. For residents and visitors alike, these activities are a staple of living in Ravenswood, Chicago. 

Try them next time you’re there:

1. Visit Lincoln Square

Lincoln Square is undeniably at the heart of Ravenswood, Chicago. The variety of independent shops, restaurants, and breweries make it the perfect place for a day in the town. Visit this area for a rich shopping and dining experience that is sure to leave you wanting to return.

2. Taste Craft Beer

Craft beer fans rejoice! Ravenswood is home to “Malt Row” an area of the neighborhood rich with craft breweries. You can find Band of Bohemia here, America’s first Michelin star brewpub.

But, craft beer isn’t the only specialty of Ravenswood. Enjoy dinner and a cocktail at one of the fine local restaurants or bars within convenient walking distance of your apartment.

3. Read Some Carl Sandburg in Winnemac Park

Carl Sandburg, Chicago’s former poet laureate and a Pulitzer Prize winner, used to call Ravenswood home. One of his most famous works, Chicago Poems gathered much from his life living in Chicago and his time spent in Ravenswood.

There’s nothing better than sitting in Winnemac Park on a sunny afternoon with a Sandburg book in your hand. That’s truly a Ravenswood experience.

4. Bike the North Branch Trail System

The start of the North Branch Trail is just a little bit West of Ravenswood. It runs along the Chicago River, and it even connects to other trails in Wisconsin.

The North Branch Trail is perfect for a sunny afternoon bike ride or a pleasant walk. Even cross country skiing enthusiasts can get a kick out of this path.

5. Shop at the Ravenswood Farmers Market

Who doesn’t love some organic produce and freshly baked bread? Head over to the Ravenswood Farmers Market every Wednesday to experience the delicious food the locals offer.

6. Get Artsy at Lillstreet Art Center

Ravenswood is full of artists, and you can easily experience the artistic community. The Lillstreet Art Center is a hub for art lovers and craft connoisseurs. The sprawling marketplace in the heart of Ravenswood features art classes, exhibits, shops, and galleries.

Join artisans who share their expertise in everything from pottery and wood carving, to soap making and yoga. The Lillstreet Art Center truly makes the neighborhood a rich and diverse cultural center with classes, workshops, and seminars.

Ravenswood Is Great for Families in Chicago

The quiet tree-lined streets define the look and feel of the artistic neighborhood and the nearby parks allow for outdoor adventures for the whole family. Welles and Winnemac Parks are just walking distance away. You can find baseball diamonds, tennis courts, public indoor swimming pools, nature trails, and even a prairie garden here.

There are also a lot of great schools in the area. Various elementary schools surround Winnemac Park, and there are two high schools just outside of Ravenswood’s borders.

Getting Around Ravenswood in Chicago

Commuters to the city have plenty of transportation options to choose from in Ravenswood. The Electric Streetcar routes remind us that Ravenswood was planned as the first suburban neighborhood in Chicago.

The UP-N Metra Line runs through the neighborhood for a short train ride to the Chicago center. But, you can also take the CTA Brown Line. And for the commuters who like to get a workout in at the same time, the Divvy bike stations in Ravenswood are a great opportunity.

Couple these transportation hubs with the ease of popular ride-share services and it’s easy to see why so many of Chicago’s commuters rave about Ravenswood.

Chicago Apartments in Ravenswood

Ravenswood is famous for its courtyard-style residential buildings. From studio apartments in Chicago to single-family houses, Ravenswood offers a wide variety of low-rise living options for the modern renter. Bungalow and courtyard style apartments are quite common here. 

If you’re looking for something more vintage, you can find hundred-year-old homes turned into two and three-bedroom apartment buildings. This wide variety of rental options means there is likely a Ravenswood apartment to suit every renter.

Ravenswood Apartment Rent Prices

Ravenswood has a lot of amazing homes with prices to match. You can find a studio apartment for around $800-1000/month. However, a 2 bedroom apartment would probably cost you closer to the 2K mark.

But, there’s always a chance to negotiate your rent on our apartment bidding platform on Brixbid.

Find Your Dream Home in Ravenswood

Ravenswood is truly an ideal place to live. There’s plenty of green space, a lovely community, and entertainment options all around. Why not search for available apartments in Ravenswood on Brixbid?

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