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Lincoln Park is one of the most appealing neighborhoods of Chicago. For one, it’s very close to the city center. And its green parks, youthful atmosphere, and views of Lake Michigan truly make Lincoln Park an ideal place to live in Chicago.

Discover the unique history and culture of Lincoln Park before you look for your dream home to rent in the neighborhood.

Where Is Lincoln Park in Chicago?

Lincoln Park is conveniently located close to the city center of Chicago. It’s less than two miles away from the Loop or the Magnificent Mile.

This neighborhood of Chicago sits on the shore of Lake Michigan, North of the downtown area. Its northern border is Diversey Parkway. The southern edge sits on North Avenue. Although Lincoln Park is only a 3.2 square mile size area, almost 69 thousand people call this neighborhood home.

History of Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park has a long and interesting history. The area first started out as an army post, then later became the northernmost part of Chicago. It was a popular area for Puerto Rican immigrants to call home during the 1950’s. 

Lincoln Park is a hub for students and young professionals in Chicago. This youthful atmosphere attracted many shops and restaurants to the neighborhood.

Today, Lincoln Park is one of the most affluent and expensive neighborhoods in Chicago. The areas closer to the park can often get more crowded thanks to Lincoln Park’s year-round tourist attractions.

Things to Do in Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is very far from boring. It’s an exciting part of Chicago where visitors and residents always have something to do.

Although these attractions are the most popular in the area, this list not exhaustive. There are a multitude of shops, cafes, and restaurants to choose from if you’re planning to visit the neighborhood.

1. Visit the Namesake Park

Of course, the most famous area of Lincoln Park is the park itself. Since the neighborhood was named after this green area it’s fair to start here.

Spanning along the shore of Lake Michigan, Lincoln Park offers more than just beautiful green spaces. Visit the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, the Chicago History Museum, or the Lincoln Park Cultural Center to learn more about the area. 

And if you truly want to make a day out of Lincoln Park’s attractions, you can even go to the zoo.

2. Spend the Afternoon at the Lincoln Park Zoo

The Lincoln Park Zoo in the park offers visitors an opportunity to see and learn about the animal kingdom and its conservation. They also often host events, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for them if you live close.

Best of all, entry to the zoo is completely free, so feel free to explore it as often as you want.

If you don’t like animals that much, but you love to learn more about plants, the Lincoln Park Conservatory is perfect for you. This gorgeous greenhouse is home to exotic plants.

3. Enjoy the North Avenue Beach

On a sunny day in Chicago, the North Avenue Beach is the place to be. This sandy shoreline of Lake Michigan is the perfect place to relax, get a tan, or play beach volleyball.

North Avenue Beach is one of the best parts of Lincoln Park in Chicago

4. Check out DePaul’s Public Programs

Even if you’re not a student, you can still enjoy living around DePaul University. This private higher education hub has various events that are often open to the public. Enjoy theatre and music programs along with digital media and art shows. Their athletic games also draw good crowds.

5. Dine at Chicago’s Only 3-Michelin Star Restaurant

Alinea gained fame in Chicago for all the right reasons. This establishment won not one, but three Michelin Stars (the most prestigious award a restaurant can achieve). 

Fine dining also comes at a fine price. Their tasting experiences start at $210 for a 10-course meal. This can go up to $395 for a private menu.

6. Grab a Bite at Potbelly

Speaking of eating out, foodies can enjoy the first Potbelly Sandwich Shop in Lincoln Park. Since their popularity boomed here, they have successfully spread across the United States. Their corporate headquarters still remain in Chicago.

7. Catch a Live Music Show at the Kingston Mines

If you love blues bars, you need to visit Kingston Mines. This iconic establishment hosts live music nights every night of the year. Listen to some ambient jazz or blues and order a tasty meal here for an ideal night out.

Getting Around Lincoln Park and Chicago

Although Lincoln Park is basically a walk away from downtown Chicago, there are a lot of way you can get around the neighborhood. 

The two L train stations are the primary way you can get from Lincoln Park to other locations in Chicago without driving. The Brown, Purple, and Red lines all cut through Lincoln Park. You can access them through Fullerton, Armitage, or Diversey stations for an easy commute around the city.

If the train doesn’t take you where you need to go, there are various CTA buses you can take around Chicago from Lincoln Park.

Since parking can be quite expensive in some locations, and very difficult to find in others, living car-free can actually save you a good amount of money.

Chicago Apartments in Lincoln Park

Although there are definitely more tourists in Chicago here than most residential neighborhoods, Lincoln Park is still an ideal place to live. You’re sure to be entertained if you move to this part of Chicago.

Apartments in Lincoln Park cluster around the park and the L train stops. You can find anything from a studio to a larger three-bedroom apartment in the neighborhood.

There is some new construction in Lincoln Park, so you can find a few luxury apartment complexes. There are also a number of older, remodeled buildings and even some converted houses that are now duplexes or triplexes. These older homes have some great charm and character, while the new builds offer top-notch amenities.

Rent Prices in the Lincoln Park Neighborhood

Lincoln Park is not the cheapest area of Chicago to rent in. However, you can certainly find a good deal. Especially if you negotiate your rent.

The price of your rent always depends on the area and the size of the apartment you choose. Places closer to the popular tourist attractions are usually more in demand. Especially if you dream of living close to the park or the beach.

For a studio, you can expect to spend somewhere between $1000-1500/month. A one-bedroom apartment in Lincoln Park would be about $1800 on average. Meanwhile, a 4 bedroom place could be up to $4000 to rent.

Bid on an Apartment in Lincoln Park

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