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It’s hard to find a more quaint and charming neighborhood than Edgewater in Chicago. Its foodie destinations, vintage shops, and the international community make it an ideal place to live. Not to mention its proximity to the beach. Whether you’re looking to move to Edgewater, or you’re just checking out the area, this neighborhood has a lot to offer for everyone.

Where Is Edgewater, Chicago?

Edgewater is the area South of Rogers Park, but North of Foster Avenue. It sits on the bank of Lake Michigan, so residents can enjoy miles and miles of beaches in the area. This neighborhood is ideal for those who don’t want to live in the city center but wouldn’t want to commit to a long commute either.

Edgewater covers a little under two square miles, so it’s not a large neighborhood. But, the spirit of the residents definitely makes up for that.

There's no better place in Edgewater Chicago than the beach.

Things to Do in Edgewater

Edgewater is famous for its international cuisine. Foodies from all over Chicago come to Edgewater to taste dishes from around the globe. This is mainly thanks to the international immigrant communities that settled down in the neighborhood. They opened family-run restaurants that are still the staple of the area.

The heart of Edgewater is Broadway. This road is lined with quirky cafes, bakeries, boutiques, and vintage stores. Whether you’re looking for antique furniture at garage sales, or a cool jacket in a thrift store, Edgewater has something for everyone. You can easily spend the day shopping and eating at your favorite restaurants. 

But there’s more to Edgewater than just good eating.

If you’d like to discover local artists, Edgewater’s galleries offer plenty of opportunities. There are also a number of LGBTQ+ owned businesses in the area thanks to its accepting community. Everything in Edgewater, Chicago tends to be laid back, welcoming, and friendly.

Beaches and Green Areas In and Around Edgewater in Chicago

Of course, the beach in Edgewater, Chicago is the biggest attraction in the neighborhood, especially in the warmer months. Foster Beach and Kathy Osterman Beach run right alongside Edgewater, while Montrose Beach is situated to the south of this neighborhood. 

Lincoln Park also runs along Montrose Beach, giving you the option of both green space and sandy beaches for your outdoor activities. Osterman (Hollywood) Beach, George Lane Park, and Berger Park also offer nice outdoor spaces near the water.

This is truly the best place to go for a run or have a quick but refreshing yoga session.

Incredible views of the lake from Edgewater, Chicago.

Getting Around Edgewater, Chicago

While Edgewater itself is quite walkable, you may need to venture downtown or to other parts of Chicago on a regular basis. Fortunately, the CTA’s Red Line runs parallel to Broadway, and you can jump on it at four different stations. The Metra North Line runs along the neighborhood’s western border, too, and there are a few stations that allow access to these commuter trains. 

You’ll also find CTA bus stops and bike-sharing services in Edgewater. There are also CTA express buses that go straight to downtown Chicago from Edgewater, which can significantly cut down on your commute to the city. 

Cyclists can enjoy the express route to downtown Chicago from Edgewater, so there’s plenty of options for short commutes. If you’d like to avoid the traffic, take the Lakefront path from Edgewater. The scenic views of the lake are a neat bonus too.

What Kind of Apartments Are There in Edgewater, Chicago?

While there is some new construction in the area, especially in the east-Edgewater area, many Edgewater apartments in Chicago are renovated older buildings. That means they come with some great character. 

You’ll find Midwestern architecture next to gorgeous Victorians and Prairie style houses. Some of these larger single-family homes have been split off into apartments that offer unique charms you won’t find elsewhere.

Apartments facing the water in Edgewater in Chicago are very popular. If you’re looking for waterfront properties, you should know that competition is going to be pretty fierce. First, there aren’t a huge number of apartments on the lake, though there are a good number of condos. 

You may be able to find one of them for rent. Second, when one of the rare apartments does come open, people usually jump on it. The rent for these apartments with a view of the water is also higher than what you’d pay if you go a few streets inland.

Enjoy the many shops and activities of Edgewater Chicago.

How Much Do Edgewater Chicago Apartments Cost?

Edgewater apartments can greatly vary in price depending on where you’re located, though rent overall does tend to be a little lower than the city average. Sacrificing the view of the water will help your budget, but you won’t really lose access to the water. 

Edgewater is a very walkable neighborhood, and you can easily walk or bike to the beach from any apartment. 

Overall, rent for a one-bedroom apartment averages around $1,200. Studio apartments run a little less, with some as low as $800 a month. For larger apartments, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000. Two-bedrooms average out to around $2,000, while three- and four-bedroom apartments can run closer to $3,000. 

Many apartments here are actually on the larger size, though you can still find studios and one-bedroom options.

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