Living Alone vs. Roommates in Chicago | Brixbid

Should you live by yourself, or should you look for a roommate? The answer to this question really depends on your financial situation, your personality, and your overall preferences. You may love living with someone else since it means you have someone there to talk to and split chores with. On the other hand, you might value your privacy and quiet time. If you’re looking for apartments for rent and aren’t sure if you should go it solo or with a roommate, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Do You Enjoy Being By Yourself?

Do you need time to recharge after being around people all day? Do you like knowing that your space is your space? If so, you may find that having a roommate is a bit much. This is especially true if that roommate’s personality is the opposite of yours. The last thing you want is to come home after a stressful day to a living situation that is also stressful. Even if you get along really well with your roommate, you may find that simply living with another person is too much. If that’s the case, look for an apartment for rent in Chicago so you can live by yourself.

Can You Afford Your Dream Apartment?

If you’ve crunched the numbers and found that your budget doesn’t allow you to live in the neighborhood you want or in the apartment you’ve got your eye on, a roommate can fix that situation. Many people look for a roommate for purely financial reasons. The two of you will split the cost of rent and utilities. You can even split the cost of food and other necessities. By doing so, you may be able to afford an apartment with more amenities or with more space. Just be sure to pick your roommate carefully. You’ll be responsible for covering their portion of the rent if they can’t pay it.

Do You Play Well with Others?

Do you like to keep things private, or are you okay with sharing? If you have a roommate, you may find that you’re not comfortable walking around in your underwear or that you don’t like your roommate’s friends. Are you okay with your roommate eating food you bought, or would you prefer to keep your purchases separate? All of these are things to keep in mind when you live with someone. If you like to be up at all hours, your roommate may complain that they can’t sleep. On the other hand, if you have a very set schedule, you might have issues with a roommate who decides to bake cookies at 3 AM. By now, you should have a good idea of what works for you and just how adaptable you are.

Are You New to Chicago?

If you’re not familiar with Chicago, having a roommate who has lived here before can be helpful. They can teach you how to get around, where the best places to eat are, and many other little tricks that only residents know. Living with someone who can help you learn to navigate the city can be very beneficial.

Are You Good at Resolving Conflict?

Even if you live with someone you know or find a roommate you really like, the two of you are still likely to have some disagreements. This is especially true if neither of you have lived with a roommate before. You’ll be learning how to cohabitate with another adult, which is different from living with parents, siblings, and other relatives. If you know you don’t handle conflict well, you may need to consider living alone.

Ready to Find Your New Home?

Whether you’re going it solo or are going to live with a roommate, you still have to find a great apartment. Brixbid can help. We have many amazing apartments listed on our site. Find the one you like, submit your rent offer, and if it’s accepted, you have a new home!