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If you’re interested in living in Hyde Park in Chicago, you’re not alone. This incredible neighborhood is known for its history and beauty. Plus, it’s the home to the University of Chicago. As a result, the students of the University bring a youthful energy to the neighborhood that you can’t find anywhere else in Chicago.

Paired with the gorgeous views Lake Michigan offers, Hyde Park is truly one of the most unique and pleasant places to live in Chicago. Here’s what you need to know before you move to this incredible Chicago neighborhood.

Where Is Hyde Park in Chicago?

Hyde Park is a popular neighborhood south of the city center of Chicago. Since it’s only seven miles from the city’s Loop business district, living in Hyde Park is ideal for Chicago commuters.

It’s situated south of Kenwood, and North of Woodlawn. And Hyde Park sits between Washington Park and Lake Michigan, offering both greenery and beautiful Lakeside views to its residents. 

Although it’s a small neighborhood (less than 1.7 sq miles), it has a lot to offer those that live there.

Living in The Three Areas of Hyde Park, Chicago

While Hyde Park is one unified community, residents do often break it down into three distinct areas: University of Chicago, East Hyde Park, and South Kenwood. 

The University of Chicago is often considered the heart of the neighborhood. Around here, students rent most apartments. But, if you keep your eyes peeled. You can find some openings shortly after graduation if you’re eager to live there.

The second subdivision is East Hyde Park, which is to the east of the Metra tracks. This is the area directly adjacent to Lake Michigan, so apartments here are also highly sought after. 

There are a number of high-rise condos along the lake. But, apartments with views of the water aren’t common. Of course, you may be lucky and find one of those condos for rent.

While South Kenwood it’s technically a part of the Kenwood neighborhood, many people consider it a part of Hyde Park. You’ll find many luxury homes here, and apartments are somewhat rare. 

For example, former President Barack Obama lived in this neighborhood prior to being elected president. But, you can also find the Isidore Heller House (designed by Frank Lloyd Wright) here. Either way, there’s plenty to offer those living in Hyde Park.

Things to Do in Hyde Park

There are always events and attractions happening in Hyde Park. Since this neighborhood has a large student population, there are plenty of activities to keep residents entertained. In short, this part of Chicago is in no shortage of restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops

And there plenty of staples in Hyde Park that everyone needs to try at least once…

There are lots of students in Hyde Park

1. Check Out the University of Chicago

Of course, the University of Chicago leads the life in the neighborhood. Luckily, not only the students can take advantage of it. The University of Chicago offers a number of public lectures, art shows, theater performances, orchestra performances, and much more for those who live there.

2. Try Korean-Mexican Fusion Dishes

Seoul Taco is one example of the amazing types of restaurants Hyde Park offers residents. Give this exciting and delicious combination of international dishes a try.  With so many incredible food options, your mind that you never leave the area once you start living in Hyde Park.

3. Enjoy the Parks of Hyde Park, Chicago

Hyde Park has plenty of green areas for you to enjoy once you move in. Two of the most prominent are Promontory Park and Jackson Park. 

Promontory Point is a man-made peninsula on Lake Michigan that has a great view of the Chicago skyline. Many people come here to swim and relax. 

Jackson Park is in the southeastern section of Hyde Park. The Wooded Island is located here and is known for its unique Japanese garden. Jackson Park also has a golf course and a boat harbor.

Not to mention that The Museum of Science and Industry of Chicago is also located here.

4. Shop for Books at Powell’s

This large used bookstore is incredibly popular and attracts shoppers from all around the Chicago metro. Powell’s Books in Chicago is certainly a staple of those living in Hyde Park.

5. Visit Hyde Park’s Museums

If you’re looking to learn more about the history or the art scene of the area, Hyde Park has incredible museums for you. The Hyde Park Art Center and Museum of Science and Industry are great places to visit.

The Museum of Science and Industry in Hyde Park

Getting Around Hyde Park

Much of Hyde Park is walkable for residents. And the tree-lined streets of the neighborhood offer a great environment to discover the area on foot.

But, if you need to commute, Hyde Park has plenty of options for you. To reach other parts of the city, you can take the CTA buses. The Hyde Park Express bus takes you right to the city center of Chicago, which certainly cuts down on your commute. 

Alternatively, you can also take the Metra Electric District (ME) line to downtown Chicago from Hyde Park. There are three stops on this line in the neighborhood. The 55th-56th-57th Street station is conveniently located near the university and offers rail access to downtown. 

If you’re driving, Lake Shore Drive is the easiest way to get out of Hyde Park and explore the rest of Chicago.

Apartments to Rent in Hyde Park, Chicago

Hyde Park is very charming. And the apartments reflect that. The older buildings have unique features. Even the newer construction has been built in such a way that it doesn’t stand out as being too modern or new.

Luckily, Hyde Park has a good number of apartments for those looking to live there. These can be in older two- or three-story complexes or high-rise buildings or new condos. But very often, older buildings have a lot of renovated apartments inside.

If you’re looking for studio apartments in Chicago, you’ll easily find some near the University. Of course, you can sometimes find apartments with views of Lake Michigan. These are usually newer condo buildings, and they’re definitely prime real estate in Hyde Park.

For those who don’t necessarily want to rent in a large complex, but still want to experience living in Hyde Park, there are some single-family homes that have been converted into duplexes or quadplexes for rent.

You can find lots of beautiful houses in Hyde Park Chicago.

What’s the Average Rent in Hyde Park?

Overall, rent in Hyde Park has increased slightly in recent years. But, it’s still very affordable when compared to areas such as Downtown. The average rent was just under $1,100 in 2019, up by about 12% from the previous year. 

However, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment actually decreased a bit, down to about $1,300. Studio apartments are cheaper, with some as low as $900 a month, but they do have much less space.

If you’re looking to live in Hyde Park but need more space, there are a good number of two-bedroom apartments available. Just keep in mind that you’ll be paying on average $1,750 a month for one. Three-bedroom options are more pricey starting at around $2,500 in most areas.

Bid On Apartments In Hyde Park Chicago

Whether you’re a student, an employee at the University of Chicago, or simply love the neighborhood, you’ll enjoy living in Hyde Park. With everything it has to offer and affordable rent, it’s no wonder that apartments can seem in short supply. And if you want to avoid overpaying on your rent, try Brixbid’s apartment negotiation platform!

Find your dream Hyde Park apartment, make an offer, and pay the rent you think is fair. It’s easy, it’s fair, and it’s your next step to renting in Chicago. Browse listings today!