How to Get an Apartment Without a Cosigner in 5 Ways | Brixbid

Many landlords require a cosigner, especially if you don’t have proof of a steady source of income. But what if you can’t get one? If you know how to get an apartment without a cosigner, you’ll save yourself one of the major hassles of renting an apartment.

It’s possible to get an apartment without a cosigner. Discover what you can do if you can’t get one.

Who Is a Cosigner?

A cosigner is a person who signs the apartment lease with you. They agree to take on the financial responsibility of the apartment in case you can’t pay at any point.

The primary essence of a cosigner is to assure the landlord that you can handle the financial obligations of the apartment you want to rent. Your cosigner could be a parent, close family member, friend, or colleague.

Landlords also require a cosigner if your credit score is not as high as they’d want. 

5 Tips To Get An Apartment Without a Cosigner

The following 5 tips can put you through. You only have to pick one that suits your situation the most.

1. Pay Rent in Advance for Future Months

Paying two or three months of rent upfront can give your landlord the security they need and can help establish trust

Most landlords require cosigners to ensure that rent can be paid. Paying upfront will do a lot to ease your landlord’s mind.

2. Provide References from Previous Landlords or Roommates 

Even if you don’t have a cosigner, you may have solid connections with people who can attest to how sincere, dependable, and trustworthy you are.

They could be friends, family members, colleagues, or previous landlords. These folks can give the landlord direct feedback on your general conduct and on-time rent payments. Getting references from these people can go a long way in convincing the landlord.

3. Provide Proof of Financial Stability

Providing the landlord with any additional document showing your access to funds can help prove your financial stability.

4. Find a Roommate

Finding a roommate doesn’t just save you from paying the total rent by yourself. Having two names on your apartment lease can also reassure the landlord.

5. Consider Renting a Smaller Apartment

Renting a smaller apartment means paying a lower monthly rent. So, you can assure your landlord that you can conveniently afford the rent. This tip is particularly useful if you’ll be living alone.

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