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Moving is an exciting adventure but also comes with its share of stress. Especially if you have your furry friends in tow. Make moving with your dog as smooth as possible with these tips for a successful transition. 

Dog Moving Tips to Keep Your Anxious Pet Calm

1. Talk to Your Dog About Moving

It may seem silly, but it helps.

Even though they won’t understand what you’re saying, talking to your dog in a smooth, calm manner can help them feel your positive mood. And if you’re happy while moving, your dog will be too.

2. Show Your Dog Your New Rental

If possible, let your dog explore your new rental or the property before moving. Encourage them to smell everything, see the outside, and get to know the place. Offer treats and use an upbeat voice to help your dog make a positive association with the rental.

3. Think About Your Dog’s Safety

A lot of things can go wrong when moving. Heavy things lifted, glasses breaking, and people running around are common during a move. And all of these are a danger to your pup.

Keep your furry friends safe during dog moving in a quiet, secure room. Or take them to a friend’s home and away from the action. If movers are helping out, keep the door secured so your dog won’t get nervous and make a getaway. It’s also wise to supervise your pup whenever possible to ensure their safety and comfort.

4. Keep Calm and Avoid Panicking While You’re Moving

Moving could trigger anxiety, no matter how much you prepare. Unfortunately, dogs are susceptible to picking up on the stress of their human family. 

Stay calm and avoid panicking by taking breaks, getting fresh air, and recruiting friends and family to help out.

5. Stick to Your Dog’s Normal Routine

Help your dog stay happy and comfortable by sticking to its regular routine. Take them on walks at their usual time and stick to their favorite playtime activities. It’s also helpful to offer their familiar, favorite foods during the dog moving process.

6. Hold Their Toys, Bed, and Other Items Close 

Having some familiarity can help your dog get settled quickly after moving. You can also hide a few trinkets or familiar-smelling toys for your dogs. As they explore their new home, they’ll find their beloved toys.

7. Create a Safe Space for Your Dog

Getting a dog settled may cause your furry friend some anxiety. So, creating a space just for them can help them get used to the new place better. 

Add their favorite toys and add a blanket with a familiar smell. Your dog will have a place to retreat to if they feel anxious.

8. Give Them Time to Adjust

Dogs usually adapt to new settings and situations, but they still need your love and patience. Stay calm and reinforce your dog’s positive behavior. They may also need more attention and care as you settle into your new apartment.

9. Stay Home for the First Week

It’s normal for pets to feel some separation anxiety after moving. Make plans to stay home the first week to help your dog adjust. Take long walks in the neighborhood, explore your home together, and spend time relaxing together.

10. Limit New Visitors

Even if your dog loves company, people in a new home can spark anxiety or over-excitement. Keep guests to a minimum, like a family member or close friend. Your dog needs time to adjust without feeling over-stimulated.

How to Find a Pet-Friendly Apartment to Rent?

Dog moving goes smoother when you rent the perfect, pet-friendly apartment. Find the ideal place for you with these apartment hunting tips.

Give Yourself Time to Look

It could take time to find a place that works for you and your dog. Spend time looking for an apartment with outdoor space or a pet-friendly environment. Or you might find a place near a dog park.

Search Animal-Friendly Apartment Listings

Kick off your apartment search by searching pet-friendly listings. Use search filters to look for places that welcome dogs. Of course, not all apartments mention if they accept dogs. But you’ll make dog moving easier if you start by narrowing your search.

Discuss Your Pet

Keep landlords and property managers informed about your dog. Ask about any rules or restrictions, like types of breed or the weight maximum for dogs. 

Bring a Pet Resume

Preparing a pet resume can help highlight your dog’s best traits and characteristics. The list should include things like, “Loves kids” or “Lilly is sweet and quiet.” Add photos or offer a video to show your dog in action.

Ask About Pet Fees

Remember that there are usually additional fees when you’re renting with a dog. Ask potential landlords and property managers about pet fees or pet rent. 

Find a Place to Rent With Your Dog

Finding the perfect apartment for you and your dog is challenging. But, the more you look, the more chances you have of finding the perfect home for you and your pup.

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