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Are you looking for a new place to live in Chicago? If you don’t have a lot of possessions, are looking to save on rent, and don’t mind living in a small space, a studio apartment may be perfect for you. There are a good number of studio apartments in Chicago for rent if you know where to look for them. While it’s true that studios generally aren’t as large as other apartments, you may be surprised at how spacious some of them are. Here are some of the neighborhoods where you’ll find amazing studio apartments.

South Loop

The River City building, designed by Bertrand Goldberg, is located in the South Loop section of Chicago. The two towers are created out of concrete and are well-known for their architectural style. They’ve even appeared in some movies and television shows. There are over 400 apartments in River City, including some very good-sized studio apartments. The nearby area is home to a number of shops and restaurants, too, plus you have a nice view of the Chicago River. If you want to feel like you’re living in the future, River City fits the bill. The building was even extensively renovated in 2019, so the apartments have been updated from the original 1986 design.


The Edgewater neighborhood is also home to some great studio apartments. While it’s not as architecturally unique, the Windale Apartment complex offers comfort and style to its residents. These modern studio apartments for rent in Edgewater have a clean and fresh feel to them. They’re managed by a company known for remodeling and rehabilitating vintage apartments, and they’ve certainly worked their magic here. In addition to spacious studios, you’ll find common outdoor spaces where you can hang out and get to know your new neighbors.

Wicker Park

In Wicker Park, you’ll find artists, musicians, and other creative individuals. This is something of a bohemian neighborhood, and the Milwood Apartments reflect this. These apartments have a somewhat eclectic style, but the studios are larger than many in Chicago. They’re designed more like loft apartments. Even better, they are conveniently located near the CTA Blue line, so you can quickly get to the train station and, from there, just about anywhere in the city.


Pilsen is one of the more historic areas of the city. You’ll find some really interesting architecture here, and many buildings reflect the Czech and German immigrants who lived in the neighborhood. The Common Racine apartments offer studios that focus on more than just living in your own space. The designers encourage residents to be social and get to know each other. To facilitate this, the apartments include a gym, several lounges, and even a residents-only movie theater! Basic cleaning services are also included in the rent.

Logan Square

Logan Square is known for its nightlife, much of which revolves around Milwaukee Avenue. The Noca Blu studio apartments are within walking distance of much of the restaurants, bars, and clubs on Milwaukee, so you can enjoy everything they have to offer without worrying about how to get home. These studios are also near several public transit stops, so you can quickly get on the commuter train or bus.

Let Us Help You Find Your New Studio Apartment

Finding a studio apartment in Chicago can be a lot of work, and we know how stressful it can be. That’s why we created Brixbid. It removes the legwork and lets you name your own rental price for a property. You’ll find many great studio apartments listed here, some in the neighborhoods above and some in other parts of Chicago. Take a look at the listings—you’re sure to find a studio that fits your needs.