A New Atlanta Apartment Finder Emerges on the Scene | Brixbid


James Peterson & Jayson Lemberg, Co-Founders of Brixbid, announce a new location will open in Atlanta.

“Atlanta is a city we’ve had our sights on for a while,” shares Founder James Peterson. “In all of our business ventures, we seek booming communities that are expanding and growing, offering more to their residents. This city has not only seen tremendous growth in recent years but it also is consistently listed as one of the best places to live. People want to be in Atlanta, and we want to help them find their home here.”

As a graduate of Emory University, Founder Jayson Lemberg is no stranger to the city. “In my time as a college student, I loved living in Atlanta. I love the vibrancy of the city, which is such a draw for students, young professionals, and families alike. Brixbid looks forward to serving the community with its unique offering.”

What Brixbid means for the Atlanta rental market

As the newest Atlanta apartment finder, Brixbid and Brixbid Plus will help renters not only find the best rental home for them. They will help each renter get a fair rate for their housing, a growing concern nationwide.

In the coming weeks, users can expect to see more Atlanta-based rentals on Brixbid’s listings page.

“Atlanta intrigues us for a variety of reasons,” said Faith Barker, Marketing Director of Brixbid. “It’s known as a city where you can have a great quality of life with opportunities aplenty. Even in fantastic cities, though, we see renters feeling insecure because of the roller coaster-like trajectory real estate has taken in the last few years. They fear getting ripped off in the process. We’re thrilled to bring this concept here. Through Brixbid, Atlantans can build their confidence in the rental process.”

From John Peterson, Chief Development Officer: “We are excited to expand into the Atlanta rental market. With Brixbid’s transparent communication model, we foster better tenant-landlord relationships from the start. Through our platforms, we will help every Atlanta apartment finder find a compromise with the landlord that both parties feel comfortable with. It’s a win-win.”

About the Company

Brixbid Plus is an apartment-locating service that helps renters connect with their dream rentals. Brixbid Plus uses rent negotiation techniques paired with years of experience to create fair offers for both the landlord and the renter.

As the parent company of Brixbid Plus, Brixbid is an internet listing service with apartment rent negotiation as its foundation. Opening the lines of communication between renters and landlords can ensure fair rental rates for both parties.