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Apartment Hunting Made Easy: How to Use a Chicago Apartment Finder

Are you on the hunt for the perfect apartment in the Windy City? Navigating the Chicago real estate market can be a stressful task, but no need to worry! In this day and age, with technology on our side, finding your dream apartment has never been easier. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of using a Chicago apartment finder to make your Chicago apartment-hunting journey a breeze.


What is a Chicago Apartment Finder?

A Chicago apartment finder is an online tool or platform that streamlines the process of searching for available apartments in Chicago. These tools allow you to filter your preferences and needs, such as budget, location, number of beds/baths, and amenities, to find the apartments that match your criteria. They save you time and effort by presenting you with a curated list of options that fit your needs. No wasting time on options that don’t fit your needs! 


Benefits of Using a Chicago Apartment Finder

Time-Efficient: Traditional apartment hunting involves visiting multiple locations, which can be time-consuming. And as anyone who’s looked for an apartment recently, things move fast! An apartment finder enables you to explore multiple options from the comfort of your home and save the in-person visits for the most promising.

Customizable: You can set specific filters and preferences to narrow down your search. This ensures that you only see apartments that align with your requirements. Whether that mean pet-friendly listings only, certain neighborhoods, or even the most basic requirements like the number of bed and bath. 

Comprehensive Details: Apartment finders provide detailed information about each listing, including photos, floor plans, amenities, and landlord contact details. This allows you to make an informed decision without the need for multiple in-person visit to one location. Often times you even have the luxury of seeing video or 3-D tours of rentals as well. 

Interactive Maps: Most apartment finders include interactive maps that show the exact location of each listing. This helps you understand the neighborhood and its proximity to important locations. It also helps you filter out locations that are non-starters for you. 


Steps to Using a Chicago Apartment Finder

Step 1: Define Your Criteria

Before you start using an apartment finder, decide on your apartment requirements. Factors to consider include budget, preferred neighborhoods, number of bedrooms, and essential amenities. When deciding how much you are willing to spend on rent, an online rent calculator may be helpful. 

Step 2: Filter Options

Once you’ve chosen a platform, begin your apartment hunt setting filters based on the criteria you just defined. Specify your budget range, desired neighborhoods, number of bedrooms, and any essential amenities.

Step 3: Browse Listings

Browse the listings that match your criteria. Review the photos, floor plans, and additional information provided for each apartment.

Step 4: Schedule a Showing

Arrange to visit the apartments that align with your preferences. Use the information you gathered from the Chicago apartment finder to guide your visits. Some Chicago apartment finders also partner with brokers, who can facilitate your rental process. 

Step 5: Make a Decision and Negotiate Your Rent

After visiting the apartments, review your options and make an informed decision based on your experiences and the information you’ve gathered. With Brixbid, this is the time when you decide how much you’d like to bid on your apartment. With the option to negotiate your rent, you are ensuring that you pay the true market rate. 



Apartment hunting in Chicago can be a breeze when you utilize the power of a Chicago apartment finder. These online tools simplify the process, allowing you to find apartments that match your criteria quickly and efficiently. As an additional plus with Brixbid, you’re also able to simplify the rent negotiation process and find your next home at your ideal price. Start your search today