How To Successfully Advertise Your Chicago Apartment | Brixbid

One of a landlord or property manager’s biggest concerns is making sure they are successfully advertising their properties and having as little unrented time as possible. Filling a vacant property can become a confusing process if you don’t know the best ways to advertise and market the listings. While there are lots of different avenues to advertise an apartment for rent in Chicago, there are some that are more popular and successful than others.

Word Of Mouth

The most basic form of advertising for your new rental is simple word of mouth. You tell a few people you know to spread the word that you have Rogers Park Apartments For Rent and cross your fingers that someone they know will be the perfect tenant.

While this can certainly help you in renting out your condo or apartment in time, the process can be slowed by the general lack of exposure and the time that it takes to spread the word from one person to the next. There is also a good chance that no one in your sphere has a connection that is looking for exactly what you are offering at the time.

Social Media

Social media sites have become a popular forum for listing and sharing apartments for rent in the past few years. The ease with which you can share to hundreds of friends, and have them share with their hundreds of friends can exponentially multiply the exposure that your apartment listing gets.

While it’s similar to word of mouth advertising, using social media to spread the word will likely reach many more people in less time, as social media users tend to have connections with more casual acquaintances. These casual connections wouldn’t likely be reached by word of mouth, but could see a shared post and be a great fit for the apartment you have listed.

Free Sites

Who doesn’t like free? And when it comes to advertising, free can be a benefit. Posting your listing on sites with free advertising options can help increase the visibility even further than social media sites that are limited to just your friends and their connections. These sites can offer name recognition that brings visitors from all over the world and expand the potential renter options.

These free sites offer many benefits but they have some drawbacks as well. More and more are limiting what you can and can’t do within their free listing options and are charging for options once available for free. As these free options become more and more limited, the value begins to diminish and users begin to look elsewhere, ultimately taking eyes away from your listing.


The cool new way to find renters, BrixBid is ideal for anyone looking to find tenants and fill your property without leaving money on the table. For landlords, it’s quick and easy to list your property with photos and videos to attract as many renters as possible. Once your apartment is listed, set an auction timeline and an opening bid amount (or a Rent Now amount), and watch as potential renters compete to rent your space.

Once the bidding is over, approve the highest bidder after reviewing their residential screening report and send a secure E-lease to the renter for final review and signatures. There’s never been an easier way to ensure you are getting the most out of your rental properties and finding the best tenants around.

Advertising is one of the most important parts of running a rental property. Making sure the way you advertise matches your goals is key to guarantee you get the most for your unit with as little down time as possible. Modern advertising with the most advanced technology will ensure you and your marketing efforts are as successful as possible.